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Starting with Hard-Surface Modeling

This tutorial will be mainly focused on making industrial objects in Blender. There will be screenshots provided of all the instructions seen in the tutorial. I will be making a Weapon Flash Hider as an example of this hard surface modeling tutorial. 1. The Reference The most important part of your 3D modeling is to have a good reference, if you are just starting out with Blender and modeling in general I would highly advise you to find blueprint images of the things you are making. I will use this Desert Eagle L5 Blueprint as an example to show how blueprints can help your workflow, since you can see everything you are making from three different directions, to gain more knowledge of the thickness of each part. I recommend you use the blueprints available on since they have a huge library of blueprints, from cars and ships to guns and missiles. 2. Starting shape You will have to take a look at what you are trying to make from the reference you have, to determine the

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